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Frosted and colour window films are a classic and simple answer to window privacy or decoration without a need to replace glass already fitted which can be costly and at some times inconvenient or even impossible to do.
Frosted films have great advantages; applied directly to the glass already in place they’re comparatively low cost and let in lots of softly diffused light so the only difference is enhanced privacy for you, or the complete removal of an unsightly view.
Frosted films can also be used as a very quick and clean replacement for sandblasting; we can cut the film to a graphic design or corporate logo giving panes of glass an expensive, etched design feel, at a fraction of cost and less trouble.
Our window films are professionally applied to the latest guidelines and ensured to be bubble and crease free for a perfect finish. We can work quickly and cleanly around you for minimum disruption and fastest job turnaround.

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