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For our custom vinyl cut stickers decals & graphics (also known as computer cut decals, pro-cut vinyl, vinyl graphics, die-cut vinyl, etc.) the vinyl is cut to shape (lettering, logos or graphics) with no need for printed inks or background material. Vinyl decals / stickers create a professional appearance perfect for a sign, product, window, auto, boat or other use. Vinyl graphics are provided on pre-spaced and pre-masked sheet for easy application.

Vinyl available in hundreds of solid gloss and matt colours, metallic silver, and metallic gold, etched effect, fluorescent and light reflective colours. Additional/few colours can be used if different background colour is required or colour logos are involved.

72-100mic premium cast vinyl. Durable and dimensionally stable - won't shrink or crack and withstands extremely hot or cold weather, 5-7 year lifespan.

Lettering must be a minimum of 6mm tall and lines at least 3/4mm thick. Simple and open type styles and basic graphics are recommended for this computer cut process. Otherwise your sticker may simply wipe off first time you clean the surface.

In order to price your request we need to review your artwork to determine if the graphic is suitable for vinyl window decals. We may advice you on size and style of your graphic in order to suit the equipment and materials we use.

We will instruct you/demonstrate the best method of application.
Please contact us for a quotation

Vinyl decal application instructions

1.) Make sure that the surface is clean and free from any dirt or grease.

2.) Place the decal upside down on a hard flat surface. With a piece of card firmly press
     down on the back of the vinyl. This makes the decal peel off easily.

3.) Gently peel off the vinyl release paper backing.

4.) For larger decals only: lightly spray both the back of the vinyl and the surface you are
     applying it to with a very diluted solution of washing up liquid and water.

5.) Lightly position the decal. With a piece of card firmly squeeze out any excess water
     and/or air bubbles by scrapping across the backing tape.

6.) Leave for at least 30 mins. Gently peel off the cream backing tape to reveal the
     cut lettering/logo only.
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