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Don't think that all designs cost hundreds of pounds - you may be surprised! If you don't call you won't KNOW!

Pricing designs and lettering can become very complicated when designing for specific personal requirements. To put a price to a design or logo of your choice we need to know:

1. The size of glass or mirror required.
2. The type of glass or mirror required.
3. The size of logo or design or lettering required.
4. Whether acid embossing or sand blasting is required.
5. Whether it is sand blasted background or design.
6. Text or font, the name of the font to use or better e mail the font
    To use from the font folder on your computer
7. If it is an acid embossed design or logo, how many shades of acid are required?
Please send as much information as possible for an accurate price.
8. We don't like to be beaten on price so if you find anywhere cheaper please let us know, its good for business.

PRICING  Contact N Jackson

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